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Oshissama no Owatari

Oshissama no Owatari is held during the fall festival at Takao Shrine on the 2nd Saturday of October every year.

This ritual carries the two gods, Sarutahiko (Hanaossama) and Amenouzume (Oshissama) that are enshrined in the Yoinomiya found on shrine grounds, to the Matsute(de)nomiya , a place where the two gods will reside during the festival, located approximately 800 m away from the Yoinomiya. During the move, Hanaossama is represented by a mask with a high nose from which hair made of paper streamers hangs down. He takes the lead and Oshissama follows.

In the procession, children pull the rope while repeatedly singing the following song:

“After crossing the ‘SHINIKO-no-HASHI’ bridge, let the child hold your breast and give him a meal. If he doesn’t like it, then give him a feast.” 

Finally, being immensely drawn to the Taishunomiya, the shishi lions quickly jump into the Taishunomiya where the two gods spend the night. The next day, they travel the same route to return to the Yoinomiya, and the ritual is complete.

    Fukui City designated intangible folk cultural property
    (designated march 22, 2019)

  • Management body

    Fukui City Hondo-cho Residents’ Association

  • Location

    Hondo-cho, Fukui City

  • Classification

    Folk custom

  • Date

    2nd Saturday in October

オシッサマのお祭りの写真1 オシッサマのお祭りの写真2


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