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Zuigenji Temple

Zuigenji Temple is said to have been founded by a priest, Taicho. In 1675, it was moved from Yoshie (city of Sabae) to the northern skirts of Mt. Asuwa. The main hall (Hondo) has a Japanese-styled roof (a single-story hip-and-gable, shingle-roofed structure) with a length of 15.5 m, and a width of 10 m. It used to be the ozashiki room, one of the buildings constructed for the 14th feudal lord of the Fukui Domain (Naritsugu Matsudaira) from 1830–1831 as the Fukui Castle’s honmaru, the living quarters for feudal lords. The building was moved and restored at this temple in 1860.

Shoin Hall has a length of 7.3 m, width of 6.4 m, and a hip-and-gable roof thatched with sangawara tiles. There is ink writing on the paper screen frames and cupboard backing paper for the staggered shelves in the goza no ma room and o-oku goza no ma room. The part of the building called o-oku goza no ma is thought to have also been moved and restored. Hondo Hall and Shion Hall are both valued as remnants of the honmaru from Fukui Castle.

    Fukui prefecture designated cultural property
    (designated March 21, 2000)

  • Management body

    Zuigen Temple

  • Location

    5-chome Asuwa, Fukui City

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瑞源寺本堂・書院の写真1 瑞源寺本堂・書院の写真2


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