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Daianji Temple

Daianji Temple is a Rinzai sect temple built in 1658 by Mitsumichi Matsudaira, the fourth feudal lord of the Fukui Domain. Some of the buildings in the temple include: Hondo Hall (main hall); storage room; and other buildings such as Kaizan-do Hall, Kaiki-do Hall, and bell tower are nearby. All of which are located in the middle of temple grounds. Since the temple was founded, buildings were sporadically built by the Fukui Domain. On the hill behind the main hall, there is a burial site for the feudal lords called Senjojiki.

The Zen temple and temple buildings used as family temples for feudal lords are well preserved.    The design of each building expresses the great talent of the carpenters of Fukui Domain.

    National designated important cultural property
    (designated June 9, 2008)

  • Management body

    Daian Temple

  • Location

    Tanotani-cho, Fukui City

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大安寺の写真1 大安寺の写真2


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Cultural heritage distribution MAP