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Itozaki no Hotokemai

Itozaki no Hotokemai (Buddha Dance) is performed on April 18th every other year (odd-numbered years in the Western calendar) on a stone stage constructed in front of Kannon Hall at Itosaki Temple. The dance is performed to drums and bells by three dancers. One dancer, the Maihotoke, wears a black vestment and golden Buddha mask. Another dancer, the Nen-bosatsu, is a bodhisattva wearing a blue vestment and gold mask. The last dancer, Kadomamori, wears a white vestment and white mask.

According to history, this dance is said to have originated in the Tempyo-shoho Era (749–759) when a Chinese Zen Buddhist priest offered a statue of the Thousand-armed Kannon to the shrine, which resembled the picturesque scenery of Mt. Yuwang in his own country. Then, a multitude of Kannon gathered at the shrine and danced.

This serene dance brings to mind the graceful form of bodhisattva.

    National designated important intangible folk cultural property
    (designated February 6, 2004)

  • Management body

    Itosaki Hotokemai Preservation Association

  • Location

    Itosaki-cho, Fukui City

  • Classification

    Folk custom

  • Date

    April 18th (once every 2 years; to be held next in 2019)

糸崎の仏舞の写真1 糸崎の仏舞の写真2


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