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Yokokan Garden was ranked the 5th best Japanese public garden in 2016 by the Journal of Japanese Gardening published in the US.

The Journal is a bimonthly English language magazine launched in 1998 by Douglas M. Roth, an American, to introduce Japanese gardens to the world. It is popular among people working in the educational field, such as universities and libraries, and landscape gardeners in 37 (primarily English speaking) countries. Experts from Japan, America, Europe, and Australia surveyed various gardens in Japan and ranked them using comprehensive judgment. Criteria considered in the decision included the beauty of the garden and the settings that allow one to spend some quality time, as opposed to the garden’s historical nature, name recognition, and scale.

In 2007, Yokokan Garden first appeared in the ranking at No. 7. In 2008, it moved up to No. 3, and kept its position for three years consecutively until 2010. According to those related to the Journal, Yokokan Garden was rated highly for elements such as wonderful sukiya-style architecture, affinity between the building and water, and the fact that visitors can easily view the garden without an appointment or a time limit. One cromment found in an article from the magazine stated, “It’s amazing that we visitors today can relax just as the feudal lord and his family once did.”

2016年日本庭園全国ランキング 日本庭園第4位