Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter-Each season, a new and enticing landscape emerges.

The Japanese people have lived in harmony with nature and sensed divinity in all its aspects, such as rocks, trees and water. Japanese gardens are centered on that belief.
We hope the visitors see the blended beauty of that which does not change with the passage of time and that which does change over time.


In March, the plum blossoms can be enjoyed. At the start of April, new greenery, rhododendrons and camellia appear, while yamazakura cherry blossoms bloom in mid-April. Although water irises, azaleas and peonies start blossoming at the end of April, May is the best time to view them along with weigelas and Japanese storax.

  • 養浩館庭園 春イメージ1
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In June, Japanese iris, lace-cap hydrangea, and hydrangea serrata are in bloom. In July and August, the cool breezes and tree leaves that rustle in the wind are exceptional. It is the best season to enjoy a Japanese villa.

  • 養浩館庭園 夏イメージ1
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  • 養浩館庭園 夏イメージ7
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The autumn colors begin appearing around mid-September. The foliage around the pond is best viewed from late October, while the best time to view the mountain maple along the east and west garden paths is from mid-to-late November. The fall foliage can be enjoyed every year until early December. From mid-October trees are tied with rope to protect them from snow. This traditional gardening technique can be viewed and enjoyed along with the autumn colors.

  • 養浩館庭園 秋イメージ1
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  • 養浩館庭園 春イメージ9
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Visitors can enjoy Camellia sasanqua in December, the snowy landscape in January, and plum blossoms in February.

Don’t miss the snowy view that looks as if it came out of an ink painting.

  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ1
  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ2
  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ3
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  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ6
  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ7
  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ8
  • 養浩館庭園 冬イメージ9
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